Pelvic floor consultations are for women experiencing all stages of life. These include:

  • -Urinary incontinence
  • -Faecal incontinence
  • -Prolapse
  • -Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain (lower back, shoulders, neck, wrists, hands, hips)
  • -Abdominal separation
  • -Prenatal + postnatal
  • -Pelvic pain
  • -Coccydina (pain in tailbone)

What to expect at your initial consultation?

The first Women’s Health session requires a comprehensive assessment conducted in a private room. Diana will ask you about your pelvic floor function, bladder habits, and sexual and obstetric background.


Sometimes she may recommend an internal vaginal examination. Although this may not always be required, it can help provide Diana with a full assessment of your pelvic floor function, which will in turn allow her to work out the best treatment option for you.


Following the initial consultation, Diana will work with you to come up with the most appropriate treatment plan to best achieve your goals. This may include a pelvic floor strengthening program, bladder retraining, pelvic floor relaxation program or possible lifestyle changes.


Diana may supply you with some equipment (e.g. pelvic floor educator or tools for pelvic floor training), or, if necessary, she may refer you to other health professionals for further input on your care.