Dry Needling


Liberate Physiotherapy provides a dry needling service to give you relief from muscle pain. By targeting trigger points with an acupuncture needle, your therapist can promote muscle relaxation to improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion.

When the Dry Needle inserts into the muscle. It acts on the motor endplate complex of the muscle fiber (the part where the nerve meets the muscle). When this occurs, a localised twitch response occurs (a muscle spasm). The local twitch response helps reset the nerve impulse into the muscle and allows the muscle to relax. When the needle is inserted into the motor endplate, it stimulates the fight or flight part of your nervous system. The Fight or Flight response increases blood flow and speeds up the healing process. When the needle is left in for >7 mins, it also induces an analgesic or pain-killing effect.

Like acupuncture, dry needling can be used to treat chronic pain, deeply held tension, tendonitis, myofascial pain syndrome and more. It targets areas like your upper and lower limbs, upper back, shoulders and neck, and a range of other areas that experience pain from repetitive use and stress.